Where to start when planning a wedding or event?

I get asked this question – a lot! It can be so daunting taking on this mammoth task of planning a wedding plus you’re working full-time, juggling family commitments and maybe even moving house too! Life is busy all the time and this is where a wedding or events planner can help.

This is where I can help!

So where do you start with the planning? I always advise my clients to work out these 4 factors first as they will determine how the rest of the day will take shape.

Your Budget
Guest Numbers
Preferred date/day
Design, Style or Theme

1. Your budget – this is so important (I’ve even written another Blog about it – see here) The budget determines your guest numbers, venue choice and styling for the big day. It is important that you set a realistic budget. Where is the budget is coming from? What extras might crop up?

2. Estimated guest numbers – draft a list of everyone you would like to have at your wedding or event. Be realistic as this needs to fit within your budget and will determine the size of venue available to you. As a guide, you can expect approx. 10% of guests on that list to not be able to attend for whatever reason (family/work commitments/holidays etc)

3. Preferred date/day – peak wedding season is between May to Aug although weddings happen all year round. During peak wedding season (especially bank holiday months) you’ll find that most Saturdays will book up first with Fridays not far behind them. If you are totally flexible on the date/day, then you will have more options available to you when venue shopping.

4. Design, Style or Theme – having a visual of how your wedding or event will look will help when selecting a date and a venue. Is your style traditional or glamourous, contemporary or boho, alternate or rustic (the list goes on…….)

Wedding Planning 2
Wedding Planning 3
Wedding Planning

Once you have an idea of your vibe this will help with selecting a venue and possibly a date too (if you think about the seasons of the year) There is so much to explore on this topic (I could write a book!) but I’ll leave it there for the moment.

Hopefully this has helped to break it down for you to make a start with your wedding or event planning, however if you are still stuck or would like someone to help then I’m your gal! Contact me.

Photos : Credit – Joy Story Photography