The Wedding Budget

Let’s be honest, most people don’t like talking money. It can be awkward and stressful but it is so important that you discuss your wedding budget honestly before you start booking venues and suppliers.

Setting your Wedding budget is the first thing I would recommend you do when planning your Wedding. If you don’t know your budget, then this could cause you to overspend.

The budget determines your guest numbers, venue choice and styling for the big day. It’s also really important that you set a realistic budget allowing for any extras or changes that may crop up.

It can be difficult to set (and stick to) a realistic budget, however if you are disciplined and shop around for quotes and suppliers then it can be done. Or I, as your Wedding Planner could manage this for you, keeping in the loop at all times.

I would suggest starting with a list of your guests, potential venues and also the date. The date of the wedding can help when it comes down to the budget as most venues will offer an off peak package which will be reduced from the peak season rates.

Save, save, save!

Start by saving X amount each month and also take into account any funds that may be gifted by family and friends. Make sure you have the amounts confirmed before you start to spend, spend, spend!

Working with a spreadsheet or savings app is a great way to keep track of the budget amount you’re hoping to save Vs the actual figure you’ve saved so far – you will also notice if you are over or under spending.

You can keep a note of the dates that deposits are required and also the final balance. Unfamiliar with excel? Your Wedding Planner knows it inside out and can manage this too.

Every Wedding is unique and requirements will vary, however there are a few items that are often forgotten that can cause extra stress closer to the day which is definitely something you want to avoid!

• Remember to include (if applicable)
• Hen & Stag dos
• Postage for your invitations (postage is a lot more expensive these days)
• Registering the marriage
• Include you and your partner – so many couples forget to add themselves into the final numbers
• Alterations
• Gifts & Gratuity
• The possibility of providing transport for guests between Wedding and reception venues

So now you have a better understanding you can make a start planning your budget.